Is Obama prophetically the last president of the 50 states?

Will the U.S. prophetically be split into four nations?

What are the prophetic events of our day?

Have any happened?

Are any happening now?

Which ones will happen next?

What is the general order that they will happen?

What is this sixth seal event coming our way that is the worst catastrophic event since the flood of Noah's time?

About when will the sixth seal happen?

Do you want to know?


Imagine most Christians knowing the prophetic events of our day...

Imagine most Christian denominations agreeing on the prophetic events of our day...

And imagine most politicians being Christians who understand the prophetic events of our day.

Catch the vision!
We need it,
GOD wants it,
Let's do it!


What are people saying about the eBook?

Lowell is a preeminent Last-Days scripture scholar.  His decades of research and inspiration are evident in the way he so simply and clearly unfolds the books of Revelations and Daniel for everyone to understand.  "The Prophetic Playbook Story eBook" is a easy to follow, must read, for anyone interested in the events that lead up to
the return of Christ in Glory.

The prophetic playbook story teaches about the second coming magnificently in a way that is far more engaging than any textbook.

This was an amazing eBook.
Revelations has always been an enigma for most of us.
You did a great job Lowell.
Thank You for sharing.
Carol C

Just finished! It was awesome! I really liked the format, easy to read and very engaging! Good job!

I finished just a minute ago.
You have done an excellent job!!! Your dialog is not cheesy - rather it is informative and comfortable.
You covered it beautifully without naming names but rather giving direction to those who want to watch and understand.
Congratulations - I think you have a winner.

A thoughtful and close examination of the many possibilities that lie ahead... Lowell's insights again prove helpful for those seeking answers about the last days, and what lies ahead for our generation. The title of the book apropo.
Thank you Lowell!

Only $9.97

The Prophetic Playbook Story eBook is
the unfolding of the general order of
the prophetic events of our day based upon
the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel.

The Prophetic Playbook Story is a story about seven people
of various backgrounds and various backgrounds of beliefs
who are talking about the prophetic events that have
happened, are happening now, and those to happen
in the future.

See their different dynamics play out as they come to
grips with the challenging times happening now and
those challenges coming our way.  

Do we have any hope of a bright future?
Enjoy this engaging, powerfully informative,
and thought provoking journey of the prophetic events
of our day.

Begin now Your journey of seeing our prophetic future!

If you're like most people you want to know the future. You want to make sure you are financially and  personally prepared for the times ahead. If you are like most people you have loved ones who need your help.

Let me share with you a paragraphs from the introduction:

"Here are some of the benefits to you: You're going to have that insight of knowing the general order of the prophetic events of our day! That's awesome! That insight and knowledge can help you avoid the emotional roller coaster ride of believing some of the false information being passed along on a day to day bases in the news, internet, etc.. Plus, and these next benefits are key and priceless! The Prophetic Playbook Story is about you knowing for yourself the prophetic future so you can prayerfully work with God to be on the path he wants you to be on to do whatever he wants you to do to have the life experiences he knows will be best for you. Therein is the key to true peace in your soul, hope in your future, and faith to press on with thankfulness in all things God brings our way."